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A Comprehensive Guide to Sensory Disability

Every day, we use our senses to experience the world around us, but this is very challenging for someone with a sensory condition. Almost everyone ...
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Specialist Disability Accommodation in Campbelltown

A Comprehensive Guide to Specialist Disability Accommodation in New South Wales (NSW)

Finding adequate accommodation that suits your requirements might be difficult. The NDIS has introduced a new funding stream called Specialist Disability Accommodation NSW to assist ...
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Psychosocial Disability

Mental health participants and caregivers use the term “psychosocial disability” to describe the limitations that people with impairments and participation restrictions due to mental health ...
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Everything You Need To Know About Intellectual Disability

Have you felt that your child, is not like other children? Like they are a little slower in understanding or learning things as compared to ...
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Senior Companion Care in Campbelltown

How Legacy Care Turns Out to Be the Best Disability Support Services in Sydney

Legacy Care Solutions is an NDIS registered provider of disability support services in New South Wales, and one of the best you can find. Why ...
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Best Compassionate Care in Campbelltown

Disability Support Worker – Ultimate Guide to Follow

Do you truly enjoy caring for people in different ways and take pride in forming deep human connections? Do you want to make a genuine ...
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community access in campbelltown

Total Permanent Disability: A Complete Guide to Access Your NDIS Plan

What is the Total Permanent Disability? When a person is impaired to such an extent that their disability continues to exist permanently throughout their life, ...
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Cognitive Disability Services in Campbelltown

Cognitive Disability – A Complete Guide!

Before we start discussing cognitive disability, it is important to understand what cognition and cognitive ability are. Cognition refers to the way in which a ...
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