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NDIS Plan Management

Being an NDIS registered service provider, we can navigate you through every step of the way to get the full benefit out of your NDIS plan. By effectively managing the participant’s budget, handling the funding, and paying providers on their behalf, our highly professional and experienced NDIS plan managers aid in maximising the participant’s potential to exercise freedom, choice, and control over their NDIS plan. Managing your NDIS plan and funding all by yourself can be a challenging, time-consuming, and extremely daunting process. That is why we stepped in as a feasible solution to take the stress and hassle out of your NDIS plan management.

NDIS plan management services of Legacy Care Solutions is a division of ICONZ business solutions, the most trusted accounting practice and consulting firm in Sydney. With our dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced team, you don’t have to bother about your fund management, budget management, bookkeeping, paperwork, audits, and claims. So, drop your fund-related worries to us, focus more on achieving your goals. While we meticulously look after your NDIS plan, you will have the peace of mind, time, and financial independence to live your life to the fullest and be the person you always wanted to be.


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Why Legacy Care Solutions?

As an NDIS participant partner, our expert NDIS plan management team supports thousands of eligible participants, effectively navigating and maximising NDIS plans all over Australia, helping them devise a lifetime of care. Our NDIS plan manager will provide you with personalised support, financial and administrative assistance, and more control and choice over the management of your plan and utilisation of your funds. Legacy Care Solutions’ NDIS plan management gives you the complete freedom and flexibility to choose the right providers that meet your individual needs, be it NDIS registered providers or non-registered providers. Having our NDIS plan manager, who is proficient in professional budget management, on your side bestows you more time to accomplish your goals and live your best life without the fuss of claiming process and maintaining paperwork.


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Our NDIS plan managers can assist participant’s by:


  • Submitting claims on the NDIS portal and paying the providers on the participant’s behalf.
  • Providing support with the NDIS plan for qualified participants across Australia.
  • A friendly team of dedicated and experienced NDIS plan managers
  • Paying all invoices on time without failing.
  • Giving NDIS participants increased choice and control over the plan.
  • Providing expert advice on the NDIS plan and help with making claims.
  • Assure zero pocket expenses for the NDIS participants.
  • Ensuring fast payments and budget statements.
  • Keeping track of participant’s funds and expenditure.

If you are on the search for “my plan manager NDIS, then look no further. With Legacy Care Solutions, your NDIS journey will be a cinch. You can rely on our expert plan management team that helps you navigate your NDIS plan successfully to get the most out of your plan without costing you extra. Sounds interesting, right? Call us or drop a message right now to get in touch with our best NDIS plan manager and know more about our top NDIS plan management services.

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