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Support Coordinator NDIS Services

For many, NDIS demands a substantial adjustment. Our Support Coordinator can assist you in navigating this changing scheme, managing your NDIS support and services, while living your best possible life, particularly in periods of transformation or crisis. Our Support Coordination plan aids in resolving difficulties or challenges that emerge, identifying solutions, and considering new objectives for all our participants of NDIS.

Once you have your NDIS plan, you can contact our Support Coordination team, who will provide all the help you need while sourcing and connecting with the right people or organisations that cater to your requirements. Our Support Coordination Team can provide swift coordination of support with regular updates on various changes in the NDIS plan.

Legacy Care Solutions provides up to Level II support coordination for approved and eligible participants of NDIS. Our expert NDIS support coordinator assists and works with the participants to understand the NDIS Plan and its purpose, including any complexities and flexibilities. The support coordinator NDIS learns the participant’s confidence levels and skills to help them identify their requirements from the services.

To be eligible with our support coordination service under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), you must have your NDIS plan confirmed before finalising or booking the services required and should have ‘Support Coordination’ included as part of the NDIS Plan. Our NDIS  plan support coordinator will develop and design support solutions to guide the participants.


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What Support Does Legacy Care Solutions’ Support Coordination Offer?


We understand and use your NDIS plan with support coordination to ensure that most of your funded support gets utilised for your goals. Legacy Care Solutions in Sydney helps you access your community and other mainstream services that you are a part of. We assist in finding informal, mainstream, and funded support to strengthen your capacity and resilience. We are known for the hospitality and care provided to all our participants.

Legacy Care Solutions arranges assessments to determine the nature and type of necessary funding and liaising with the plan managers to establish the proper claim categories for each participant. Our negotiating services and pricing make it easy for our participants to have a hassle-free life.

We believe in providing outstanding assistance to our participants to resolve problems, understand their responsibilities under service agreements, change or end a service agreement, and decide whenever they want to access support and services. Our assistance and support coordination plan is flexible and customised for specific requirements.


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Why Legacy Care Solutions?


At Legacy Care Solutions, we have dedicated support coordinators who focus assistance on your requirements and goals. Our experts pay attention to your goals and develop a support plan to assist you in achieving your objectives, such as:

  • Discussing the services that are available to you and provide you with alternatives.
  • Assisting you in obtaining and coordinating the resources you want.
  • Offers pertinent information and points you in the direction of options that are appropriate for your requirements.
  • Keeping you informed about our progress and evaluate your assistance plan to ensure that it continues to serve you well.
  • Keeping you informed and updated with NDIS plans(NDIS Plan Management) and schemes.
  • Legacy Care Solutions’ expert team and Support Coordinators are ready to assist you in all possible ways. Drop-in a message or call, and we will connect you in your preferred communication mode with our best NDIS plan support coordinator!
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